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Our Water Testing & Analytical Services meet the needs of the individual in Kansas.

Having a well on your property can provide a variety of benefits but it is important to understand what is in your water and how you can be affected by it. The Centers for Disease Control recommend testing your well annually for bacteria at a minimum. A & E offers a variety of packages to meet these recommendations as well as many other requests to help you better understand your water. The standard turnaround time for the packages is 7-10 business days. Go here for a PDF that has all the details of all of our packages.

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  • Household Package Whether you recently installed a well, just purchased a home with a well system, or have never tested your well before, the Household Package is for you. This package tests for the overall drinkability of your water as well as common things that could color your water, stain your fixtures, or potentially make you ill. Click here for a PDF.
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  • Basic Package Our Basic Package meets the minimum state requirements for testing if you are selling your home with a well system. This package only tests for nitrate and bacteria levels. Click here for a PDF.
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  • Heat Pump Package Prior to installing a heat pump system in your home or business, companies will request that you test your well water to meet the requirements of the pump. The Heat Pump Package will help put your mind at ease knowing your water is suitable for this use. Click here for a PDF.
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  • Livestock Package Similar to the Household Package, this package ensures your well water is suitable for animals to drink. This package may also be used for testing any streams or ponds on your property. Click here for a PDF.
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  • Irrigation Package Knowing what you are irrigating your crops or garden with is important. A & E’s full Irrigation Package can help you understand what is in your water and how it is affecting your crops or garden. This package includes irrigation quality ratings for light, medium, and heavy soils. Click here for a PDF.